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New matching doll hats


I’m now offering doll hats for 18-inch dolls (like American Girl dolls). These little sun hats match the same print styles as my floppy hats for girls. Your girl can have a hat for her doll that is the same as her own sun hat! Just like my children’s sun hats, these are made with high quality cotton and are reversible and washable.

Click here to shop for a doll hat now!

Little Baby Bat, the early days

I didn’t always make sun hats. In fact, I started out in the fall of 2008 making fleece winter hats for babies with hand stitched appliqués, like this one. That went fine for awhile and I had some success with it on Etsy and through some local shops with consignment. Ultimately, though, I found that I was competing with some really cute knit and crochet hats, ear hats, and all sorts of other cute winter hats. The market was pretty saturated, and when summer rolled around, I decided that I needed to figure something else out.

And it was also around that time that I realized that I was in need of a sun hat for my own baby. I wanted to make a really colorful hat that she could wear with a variety of different outfits, but also a hat that provided great sun protection coverage. At the time, she was around 9 months old and I made a couple for her to try out. When I took her places, my sun hats were an instant conversation piece and I had a lot of people ask me where the they came from.

So I decided to add a couple of the baby sun hats to my Etsy page in early 2009 and they were snapped right up so I started working on a variety of different print combinations. Here’s one of my first sun hats. Early on, I purchased my fabrics retail, from stores here in Austin, Texas. Eventually it became clear that I needed to purchase fabric in bulk quantities and I also wanted to offer a higher quality product so I got some recommendations for fabric wholesalers from a friend of mine also making children’s products. I tried working with several companies, but ultimately the great customer service, high quality of material, and excellent selection of cute prints from Michael Miller won out.

These says I don’t make winter hats except by special request (sometimes I get custom requests from customers I’ve had since those early days). My sun hats have expanded to hats for children (and even adults) and I offer more than just my original floppy design, with conductor caps and bucket caps rounding out the line. I even offer a pattern for my conductor cap so customers can experiment with their own fabric combos.

I’ve grown a lot since 2008 and I appreciate all my customers more than I can express!

The invisible stitch, one of the best hand sewing stitches

The most-used hand-sewing stitch in my arsenal of stitches is the mighty “invisible stitch.” In my opinion, knowing this stitch plus a blind hem will pretty much set you up to tackle almost any hand stitching you may need to do in your sewing endeavors. I love this stitch and use it in so many different applications and it’s so easy that once you learn it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!  Continue reading The invisible stitch, one of the best hand sewing stitches

Creating the new Little Baby Bat logo

Recently I decided it was time to create a new baby bat logo. As I had been using my previous one for the past six years, it felt like time for a refresh. My previous logo had a baby that looked like a bat, this time I wanted a cartoon baby bat. I knew wanted something cute and cartoonish since my brand is geared towards children.

I looked around online at different pictures and cartoons of bats as well as other cartoonish baby animals. I put together a bunch of different images as my inspiration and then began sketching. Continue reading Creating the new Little Baby Bat logo

Pressing and ironing your sewing projects

pressing and ironing during sewing is critical


Using an iron for pressing may not seem that critical when you’re sewing, but it can make a big difference in the appearance of your finished garment. Further, during construction, pressing and ironing the appropriate seams with make sewing smoother and easier and eliminate issues that can arise.
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Creating a new children’s sun hat design

I love creating new and cute designs for my sun hats. Getting new fabrics from my fabric supplier, Michael Miller, is always exciting. I like to debut 4 or 5 new sun hat designs for babies, toddlers and children each spring as designs from the previous season are retired (mostly due to discontinued prints).  Typically I work on creating new sun hat designs during the winter when I’m not as busy with orders. During the winter I also work on making sure some of my most popular sunhat designs (like this one and this one) are well stocked for the coming busy spring and summer seasons.


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Organizing my sewing workspace

Workspace organization in a sewing room is critical. And now that you’ve read all about my cutting table, I thought I’d share a bit about how everything (well, mostly fabric) fits inside it. All the fabric I buy comes on bolts that hold 15 yards each. Since each of my hats uses up to six different prints, I buy a lot of different fabrics to piece together. In fact, right now, I have over 100 different fabric prints in my collection! When thinking about the creation of my cutting table, one of the most important aspects of it was storage. I needed to make sure whatever I created had lots and lots of storage options. Continue reading Organizing my sewing workspace

My cutting and fabric storage table for my sewing room


I streamlined my workspace with an Ikea hacked fabric storage and cutting table for my sun hat production in my home office/sewing room. Prior to building this, I did all my cutting downstairs on my dining room table before hauling everything up to my sewing room to finish the hats. There was a lot of up and down and bolts and fabric scraps cluttered my dining room. As my business grew it was becoming more and more of an issue. I had always wanted a large cutting table like the ones I used in the costume shop at the University of Colorado Department of Theatre and Dance. They were big enough to lay out a couple of yards of fabric and they were covered with batting and fabric to iron right on the top surface without needing a separate ironing board.

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Welcome to my blog. I thought this would be a fun place for you to get to know my work (and me) a little bit better. I plan to talk about sewing (including valuable tips and tricks), my workspace, my design process and anything else that strikes my fancy. Maybe I’ll even provide some discounts and sales along the way. I hope you’ll join me!