Creating the new Little Baby Bat logo

Recently I decided it was time to create a new baby bat logo. As I had been using my previous one for the past six years, it felt like time for a refresh. My previous logo had a baby that looked like a bat, this time I wanted a cartoon baby bat. I knew wanted something cute and cartoonish since my brand is geared towards children.

I looked around online at different pictures and cartoons of bats as well as other cartoonish baby animals. I put together a bunch of different images as my inspiration and then began sketching.

After several different sketches, this one was my favorite: bat

As you can see, it only has one wing (since I knew we could mirror it in the computer) and I had to do some erasing here and there as my idea took shape. As you can see, it originally had a slightly larger wing and both ears were straight up as opposed to the right ear being slightly lower.

Next I scanned it into the computer and turned it over to my husband, who is much better with Adobe Illustrator than I am.  He traced the logo in the computer and copied and mirrored the other wing and made some other adjustments such as evening out the feet and making the eyes, mouth and cheeks more symmetrical.

After that I chose colors, sticking with a sort of purple color I was using before (because, I’ll be honest, I love purple) and adding a pink. And there it is, the new logo!

I’ve been toying with the idea of having some fabric printed with the design, because I think it’s really cute. I haven’t decided, yet, but if I do, I’ll definitely let you know.